Artificial Grass Applications


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Artifical Grass Applications

  • There is no more mowing watering or weeding. The grass looks natural and it feels like real grass, and it holds its lush green colour in all weather conditions all year round.
  • The colour blends and quality of our artificial grass will finish any project to the highest standard.
  • Easy to maintain and keep looking at it’s very best.

“I have seen over the years many pessimistic customers BUT after installation they are not disappointed. They say it looks real and it’s great how easy it is to clean.”

Artifical Grass Uses

RESIDENTIAL GARDENS & artificial grass


Gardens are now spaces that we want to look good all year round with low maintenance all year round. Small spaces need to look great while maintaining a great space. This is one way of maximizing the presentation and utilization of the space. Smartgrass find that artificial grass can eliminate the need for paths in small gardens, it is great to design with in small spaces. In large gardens for families who want an all year round space, the grass will give your family more time to play and more usable space.

play safe for children & artificial grass


Our artificial grass range allows your kids to play all year round which is ideal with the unpredictability of our Irish weather! A SmartGrass lawn can allow your kids to burn up the energy whatever the weather and still look great. You don’t need to worry about dirt coming in to the house or bare patches on your lawn. We can also do cushioned areas around swings to make it safer if required.

EXTEND YOUR PATIO with artificial grass


Our grass lawns allow you to use your garden for dining as well as play. It is an ideal surface that has many different applications for you garden. Our royal grass range looks great in urban is important to look for the right grass to complement your paving and garden. From our experience  quality and finish always are the better solution in the long run.

small gardens and artificial grass


SmartGrass have found that the range and colour and texture of the grass is important when getting the right grass for your home. The finish is important to the overall design of the garden. We have a collection that works with all paving surfaces and finished appearances. We have a range that we are very proud of and can guarantee that you will be happy with your finished space. Small gardens are great to see finished, they always look clean and smart.

Artificial grass for large gardens


Smart grass gardens are great for large spaces . when you want to have a surface that is clean with no mud , no mowing and be able to enjoy with your children and pets.

  • Great for shaded areas
  • Play spaces
  • Clean and contemporary finishings
  • Great around patios and decking
  • Realistic appearance in large spaces
pet friendly artificial grass


SmartGrass have a great solution for your pets. No more muddy patches and paw marks everywhere and it does not leave urine smells. It is easily washed down with soap and water [no chemicals used] and the important part is the animals will be happy with the feel of it. I have seen dogs rolling in it they love the feel of it. The grass should discourage pets from digging up the ground around the lawn. There are different grass lengths to choose from for your pets.

Childrens play areas and artificial grass


Schools and creches can be enhanced by installing safe play surfaces that create a safe environment. Such areas can be designed using attractive and bright colours which appeal particularly to children.

Quick Application Summary

  • Small rear gardens where you want a low maintenance garden
  • Back garden where animals are destroying ground
  • Play spaces
  • Front gardens
  • Balconies
  • Indoor areas
  • Sport greens etc
  • Crèches
  • Business leisure spaces & offices
  • Garden design spaces generally
  • Exhibition
  • Graves