Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial Grass Installation

Artifical Grass Installation

  • SmartGrass can of course manage your entire project with a full installation and maintenance package to suit you. Contact us today to find out more about our installation service.
  • If the DIY route suits you better, this is not a problem and we will be delighted to supply you with everything you need to install your artificial grass yourself.

Laying artificial grass yourself is a straight forward process if you are handy around the home and garden. Probably best to seek some assistance from a friend or member of the family as the extra hands will certainly be beneficial during the installation. Having said that, there is no reason why you cannot install your artificial grass as a solo project.

How to install a smart grass garden


If you have a regular shape to your lawn such as a square of rectangle, you can measure the square metres quite easily. Remember that the artificial grass rolls are available in 2m and 4m wide sections.

If your lawn or the area you wish to use has an irregular shape, draw a simple plan as shown opposite and this will help you to calculate the required amount of artificial grass you need to order.

  • Measure the garden considering that rolls come in 4m wide sections and 2 met wide sections
  • Allow for cutting if you are cutting around kerbs paths etc.
  • Consider the loss of grass after any joins that may be necessary.
artificial grass measurement grid

Now you are ready to prepare the ground


  • Dig of the turf back down to a suitable dept. with a turf cutter
  • Remove grass and surplus soil
  • Add in crushed hardcore
  • Compact hardcore as you go along with compactor
  • Fine dust to bind the hardcore will be necessary or suitable screening material
  • Make sure your edging is in place
  • Place timber fixing points anchors or mortar mix around the perimeter of the garden
  • If using concrete keeping it slightly down to all for the thickness of the grass
  • If using anchors try not to catch the fibres
  • You can use geotextile to help prevent weeds we use only the best fleece on all our installations
  • Place a layer of sand down and level out and bumps
  • Roll out the grass making sure the grass pile is facing  away from you
  • Remove bumps in the grass and settle in
  • If you are gluing you will need to be careful, also we have found that some glues don’t work well
  • You can also screw to timber , we prefer to glue to concrete as most grass laid looks better when there is a border around the grass
  • When the grass is settled you can place fine silica sand on the surface and brush in, we use a brusher machine to lose it in to the grass. Some grass is so dense it doesn’t need fine sand, but a little will help
  • Brushing the sand in will help the fibres and help them stand up better the sand will disappear in to the grass

Enjoy the comfort and aesthetics of a smart grass garden!

Enjoy the comfort and aesthetics of a smart grass garden with artificial grass