Choose Your Artificial Grass

How to choose artificial grass

How To Choose Artificial Grass

The development of synthetic grass over the past few years makes it more difficult to choose between them.
Every situation is different, so selecting from the SmartGrass range will ensure that you are getting the very latest technology of artificial grass and the very best quality of grass.

There are many different types of applications for artificial grass that offer both quality and price. The prices will vary a little depending on the level of quality that you are happy with. We have tried to select a range of grasses that give you a varied quality and price range.

Here are a few pointers that we use when helping customers

As designers and suppliers we suggest you to keep quality first on your list. There is a marginal difference when you add the square metre price up.

Select a grass that suits your application and price range.

Review your garden space and make sure that you are happy with the design of the space.

Select the grass that the fibres and colour suit the situation.

Check out the different textures grasses by seeing what works best with your existing paving garden.

Look at the different pile heights and compare by touch visual and professional help.

Ask your installer what are the different edging material available to finish my grass surround.

Get a free quote from our installations teams around the country.

Decide if you like the short tight pile height, or the shaggy look.

Look for a uv protection guarantee.

Check the guarantee. The SmartGrass range have guaranteed longevity from 8/11 years. This shows the quality of the product.

The backing is important, check this out. Some of our grasses have a double backing.

Good grass types have different coloured fibres mixed in. Does yours?

Do you need a professional installation?